Born - a poem

*Includes a brief mention of sexual assault.*

Here is a story - one thousand years ago, a woman was raped.

She lifted herself from the ground, and now I am born.

A fish wanted to see the sun beyond the glimmer of water.

Maybe it burned in the light, but now I am born.

My mother looked at my father and whispered please treat me kindly.

He had not heard, and yet now I am born.

After the terrible lizards all died, a mouse waited for the stars.

They inevitably returned, so now I am born.

A tree fell, a mountain eroded, a river diverged;

Perhaps the earth tilted when struck, and now I am born.

A king usurped, a dictator toppled, a monument erected;

The chance encounter of two hands on a stairwell, and now I am born.

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