my body is a map - a poem

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

my body is a map.

I'm learning to wear my skin

like a flag.

this landscape of hills and valleys

which roll in dancing waves.

the downy savannah of my thighs.

the intricate deltas of my fingers and toes.

new purple trails that meander

through the alabaster.

this topography is a work of art.

my body is a globe.

abyssal pupil.

mariana mouth.

everest breast.

elevations and depths

fighting over the touch of a hand.

my body is a cave.

there are unexplored places still;

the subterranean maintains its mysteries.

the pressure causing cracks in my vessel,

too afraid to look directly at my own inner sun,

afraid it will look back and tell me

I am beautiful.

It screams

here there be

my dragon self,

full of fire and light.

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