Our Story

In the Beginning...

My name is Kelly, and I never intentionally meant to start a small business. One could even say I don't have the right personality for a business owner (ISFP, Type 4 Enneagram, Aquarius). I've just always been a maker, an artist. I think a combination of discovering Pinterest and attending local fairs/festivals inspired me to start making things for other people. I'm happiest when my hands are covered in ink, paint, and glue. My first official event was at a senior center, and though it wasn't profitable, it showed me my work makes people smile. It makes other people happy, too.

My first co-op booth in Elizabethton, TN

Story Behind the Name

kelly and john.jpg

Our wedding day at Chateau Selah in Blountville, TN

Growing Together

This adventure would not have been possible without my husband, John. A couple months into our relationship, he was at a barn sale with me, hauling a massive bookshelf I used as a display. (I didn't yet know the value of light and easy-to-carry displays.) I might be the artist, but John is the fabricator, the builder, the fixer. He's the one who talks to the customers when I'm feeling too shy or awkward.  He is the one I rely on the most. When I told him my idea about owning a mobile store, he helped me visualize and execute that dream. He has whole-heartedly invested time and energy into this, and he continues to motivate and inspire me.